What to choose between Ipl hair Removal and Electric epilator?


On the one hand, there are the followers of the electric epilator, those who have been satisfied with it for many years and who replace their device as soon as an innovation is born. On the other, those who are on the lookout for new techniques in the hair removal sector and who opt for IPL technology.

Both are different, they do not work the same way and do not offer quite the same results. Price, pain, lasting and effective hair removal, here is what you need to know to make your choice between electric hair removal and pulsed light hair removal.


Pulsed light technology

Star of semi-permanent hair removal at home, pulsed light epilators are gaining more and more followers. A device that saves time and slowly slows down hair growth thanks to its technology now suitable for hair removal at home.

What is that ?

Very effective and increasingly easy to use, IPL technology is one of the best in terms of home use since it offers semi-permanent hair removal . A great first! To do this, the device acts thanks to a broad spectrum pulsed light which takes into account the color of the skin and that of the hair . This is why the contrast between the two is important and why this technology is not effective on black skin which could be burned.

When in use, this same light detects the hair follicles that it will burn thanks to its flashes. However, if you have to be patient and wait long sessions before seeing the first results, they are final. In the long term, the hair becomes more and more discreet and rare since the regrowth of hair is slowed down. In the end, these same hairs look almost like the down you have on your face.


There are many advantages to opting for IPL technology. Here are the ones that should weigh in the balance when buying a pulsed light epilator.

✓ A long service life

All of these devices can be functional for more than 10 years, or even 20 depending on the brand. It depends on the number of flashes offered in the bulb. So remember to inquire during your purchase.

✓ Semi-permanent hair removal

The pulses of the device directly target the melanin contained in the hair. By directly degrading this root, the regrowth will be gradually reduced until it completely prevents the production of new hairs. Thus, after the number of sessions recommended, hair removal is complete. However, it will require a few touchups more and more spaced despite everything.

✓ Proven effectiveness

Ultimately, there are almost 80 to 90% less hair , which is not nothing. But above all, the rare hairs that dare to grow back will be much finer, discreet and soft.

✓ Quick use

It depends of course on the choice of the device you bought, but their technology being more and more advanced, it takes about 15 minutes for both legs . In addition, the diversification of windows makes it possible to adapt perfectly to different areas and to be even faster.


✓ A painless technology

The use of the device does not hurt in any way , which is a plus. Remember that the laser, its main competitor, causes pain due to its under-skin treatment. However, it is possible to feel some tingling and to have some redness, but it is nothing serious.

✓ Full treatment

As long as the device is properly adjusted and used, be aware that all parts of the body can be depilated with its help. Of course, we remind you to be vigilant when waxing sensitive areas such as the face or bikini line that are close to mucous membranes.


However, even the IPL turns out not to be foolproof. Here are the few drawbacks caused by its use.

✓ Its price

If the electric epilator serves as a repository, then indeed, pulsed light devices are actually quite expensive. Some can even reach 500 euros , but remember that their very long lifespan of more than 10 to 20 years (as with Braun) allows you to quickly amortize the price.

✓ First results that are long overdue

No, the first results do not arrive at the end of the first session! Rather at the end of the 6th or even 8th . However, do not give up hope because after this limit, you will see the change appear more and more quickly.

✓ Touch-ups sometimes necessary

It is obviously sometimes necessary to do some touching up, especially along sensitive areas such as the bikini line or the armpits. Thus, the treatment is to be renewed every 2 to 3 years depending on your hair growth.

The electric epilator

The ancestor of our IPL, the electric epilator is not out of date. Easy to use, effective and inexpensive, it also offers long weeks of respite in terms of hair regrowth. Here’s what you need to know about it.

What is that ?

We all or all have already dealt with an electric epilator. Before the domestication of IPL technology, it was the popular technique to obtain on the hair removal market. Reliable, easy to use and rather effective, brands have taken the opportunity to expand their ranges and offer new functions such as waterproof or pain-relieving mode .

For this, the electric epilator works thanks to a system of small pliers fixed on a rotating head which plucks the hair at the root as it passes. It is used in the opposite direction to the implantation of the hair in order to pull out the hair as a whole.


Recognized by users, effective and easy, epilating with an electric epilator leaves legs soft and clean without having to travel to an institute . Here are the advantages it offers.

✓ Proven effectiveness

Unlike the razor, with which the hairs grow back in 2 to 3 days, the electric epilator promises long weeks of tranquility . Indeed, it directly tears the hair at its root, even on short hair , which requires them more time to grow back. In addition, this technique promises finer regrowth gradually.

✓ Uncompromising hair removal

The electric epilator allows you to epilate at home and offers a soft, clean and clean result. No need to travel to an institute for expensive and restrictive waxing.

✓ Technology adapted to all profiles

Nowadays, brands wanted to make this device more suitable for everyone. And because we are not all equal, some will prefer epilators with air flow adapted to sensitive skin, others will appreciate the exfoliating heads that erase imperfections or the waterproof mode to calm pain and save time. So many options are now available. Of course, these depend on both the quality of the model and the requirements of the brand.

✓ An accessible investment

Much cheaper than pulsed light technology, quality electric epilators are accessible for less than 100 euros and even offer all kinds of accessories for this price. This makes it an investment that quickly pays for itself.

✓ Reliable brands

The brands that offer pulsed light devices have generally started to establish themselves on the hair removal market with electric epilators. Thus, brands like Philips, Braun, Babyliss, Remington to name a few offer models with very good value for money .


It may have many advantages in the long term as well as the short term, electric hair removal also drags a few pans. Here are some.

✓ A fairly painful technique

We do not teach you anything on this subject, of course, but electric hair removal is quite painful since it consists in plucking the hairs at the roots . Even if some models offer pain-relieving technology, it is still less pleasant than IPL.

✓ A long technique

Electric hair removal works thanks to its multiple small tweezers that descend along the areas. However, it is often necessary to iron several times in order to be able to eradicate all the hairs from the treated area. Thus, it sometimes takes several tens of minutes to fully depilate your body parts such as the legs.

✓ A technique not well suited to all areas

If the IPL can be used everywhere, electric hair removal can be unbearable in certain areas, such as around the bikini line, which is very sensitive. In addition, it is absolutely not recommended on the face.

What to choose ?

If the two techniques have proven themselves, they do not offer the same end results. On the one hand, the IPL technology which offers semi-permanent hair removal thanks to a spectrum of light which directly damages the hair bulb . On the other, the electric epilator which slows regrowth by a few weeks and offers more tranquility than a simple razor for daily regrowth.

So when it comes to choosing between the two techniques, you have to ask yourself what you are looking for. First factor, the price which can dissuade more than one or more when buying a pulsed light epilator which will however be quickly amortized thanks to its lifespan of more than 10 years . In addition, this technique offers the possibility of almost complete and semi-permanent hair removal, unlike the electric epilator, the pain of which can be unbearable on sensitive areas.

Pour faire votre choix,  posez-vous les bonnes questions  : est-ce que je veux épiler toutes les zones de mon corps, suis-je prêt à investir plusieurs centaines d’euros, vais-je m’en tenir à la répétition des séances? Selon nous,  les épilateurs à lumière pulsée sont devenus un  moût de plus en plus accessible qui offre tous les avantages nécessaires.


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