Remington I-Light Test and review

In existence for over 75 years, Remington is today one of the largest manufacturers of pulsed light epilators. With the I-Light range, in particular, the Prestige IPL6750 model, the brand shows the attention it pays to value for money. It is a device that will seduce you not only by its ease of use but also by its efficiency. Clinically tested, this will allow you to benefit from safe hair removal and to have soft and smooth skin on a daily basis.

Technical characteristics

  • Number of flashes: 150,000 flashes
  • Flash speed:
    • 3 sec for body hair removal head
    • 4 sec for facial hair removal head
    • 2 sec for bikini hair removal head
  • The number of bits and size of bit windows:
    • 1 tip for 3 cm² body
    • 1 special face cap of 2 cm²
    • 1 tip for 2 cm² swimsuit
  • Flash mode: continuous and manual
  • Lamp type and technology: Quartz bulb – IPL technology
  • Skin types concerned: suitable for 4 skin types
  • Use: body and face
  • Power: 7-8 Joules per cm
  • Power supply: mains
  • Accessories included: storage case

His advantages

Remington has done everything possible so that everyone can wax at home in peace. Clinically tested, the I-Light Prestige IPL6750 is indeed recommended by dermatologists and approved by the FDA to permanently reduce hair growth.

In addition, with a reliable integrated skin phototype detector and 5 intensity levels, you can adjust and adapt your IPL epilator according to your complexion and the areas to be treated.

If this electric epilator is as effective on the body as on the face, it is because it is equipped with 3 tips specially designed in addition to the sensor and 5 intensity levels. You will be able to calmly and precisely treat the most delicate areas such as the upper lip and the bikini line.

Thanks to the Advanced PROPULSEE technology developed by the brand, hair reduction is noticed in just 3 weeks. This consists in stopping the growth cycle by targeting the light energy at the root to heat the hair follicle.

This energy is then absorbed by the melanin in the hair and suppresses the growth of the follicle by inhibiting it. After 12 months of use, you will see up to 94.3% less hair and an average reduction of 66%.

The I-Light Prestige has a lifespan of 150,000 flashes, that is, a use of more than 2 years. Moreover, the brand offers this high-quality semi-permanent hair removal device with a 2-year warranty. The other advantage of this model is that it is simple to handle. You just have to choose the right epilation head and turn it on. To do this, simply plug it in and press the button.

Its disadvantages

Like any other item, this product has its weaknesses. It may take some time to recognize the skin type. Its ventilation is a bit noisy and it tends to heat up. This can present some discomfort during hair removal.

It should also be noted that this is a machine that only works in the sub-sector and which turns out to be quite bulky if you plan to take it on a trip.

Device details

Its main functions

Removing hair yourself while staying at home is now possible thanks to the Remington I-Light Prestige pulsed light epilator.

This offers 150,000 flashes with a frequency of 3 sec for the epilation head for the body, 4 sec for the special face tip and 2 sec for the tip dedicated to the bikini line.

It, therefore, has 3 end caps with a UV protection filter, including 1 end cap for a 3 cm² window body, 1 end cap for a 2 cm² window face and 1 end cap for a 2 cm² window shirt. This model proves effective on several skin types since it is provided with a reliable integrated phototype sensor as well as 5 levels of light intensity.

Mode and use

To be more effective, this IPL epilator must be used following regular sessions. Be aware that any device will not be able to make your hair disappear overnight.

By opting for the I-Light Prestige, you will see up to 94.3% less hair and an average reduction of 66% after just 12 months. You just have to repeat the treatment every two weeks up to three sessions.

This model also has the advantage of being suitable for both women and men. Thanks to the “Simple Flash”, “Continuous Flash” and “Multi-Flash” modes, it can quickly and precisely treat legs, arms, torso, back, shoulders, but also sensitive areas such as the armpits and the swimsuit, and even the face for women.

It is easy to use since you will only have to select the intensity level that suits your complexion and the area to be treated, then firmly hold the epilation window towards the skin and press the button to to flash.

I-Light is an easy to maintain version. However, to make it more durable, it is recommended to clean the application window with a cloth after each use. Also, to avoid overheating the device, we recommend that you do not cover the air intake located on the handset during your session with your hand.

Efficiency and durability

Opt for this laser hair removal instrument from the famous brand Remington and discover how easy it is to remove hair and enjoy soft, smooth skin every day.

You must start by shaving the hair on the area to be treated and select the appropriate intensity level. Then simply hold the flash window firmly against the skin and press the button to flash.

With a flash frequency of 3 sec for the body tip, 4 sec for the face tip and 2 sec for windows of 3 cm² and 2 cm², this model allows rapid hair removal.

It can treat the armpits, bikini line and whole legs in less than an hour. This epilator guarantees significant hair reduction after only three treatments and reduces hair growth by up to 94.3% after 12 months.

Another important feature that you will like about the I-Light Prestige is that it has a long lifespan with its 150,000 flashes, the equivalent of more than 2 years of use. The device itself is offered with 2 years warranty.

In addition to functionality, ease of use and durability, design and ergonomics are also criteria to be taken into account when choosing a pulsed light epilator. These deniers condition not only the aesthetics of the product but also its handling.

Apart from its lightness, this model has been manufactured with a specific shape so that it is handy and comfortable.

In addition, this version has tips designed to treat difficult to access areas such as the armpits. This is the kind of accessory with which we have total confidence.

Value for money

If you are looking for an IPL epilator with the best value for money, there is undoubtedly nothing better than the I-Light.

The latter offers exceptional features and reasonable durability for just under 350 euros. A much lower price compared to other models in the same range.

Supplied accessories

Not all semi-permanent hair removal devices available on the market are supplied with additional accessories. However, by buying an I-Light Prestige epilator from Remington, you will benefit from 3 tips fitted with a UV protection filter as well as a very practical storage case.

Given the variety of pulsed light epilators currently on the market, it is not always easy to find the right device, especially since we do not yet know much about it.

What is certain is that Remington I-Light is one of the best models of the moment. This one has everything to surprise you as many women as men. Clinically tested and now recommended by dermatologists, it is the ideal accessory for hair removal at home with complete peace of mind.

9.5 Total Score

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