Popular 6 questions to ask about laser hair removal

Questions to ask about laser hair removal ,If you are looking for a pulsed light epilator, you are probably wondering about the device. Many questions come up regularly. So I made a summary of the main questions, with of course the answers that go with it.

How does pulsed light hair removal work?

This type of hair removal is revolutionary and helps prevent hair regrowth. The results observed with this method are excellent. The device makes it possible to send a light flash to the targeted place where there are the hairs, then the follicle. The heat emitted by the light will thus completely destroy the hair root and the follicle, to avoid regrowth of the hair.

What are the advantages?

The number 1 advantage of pulsed light hair removal is that it drastically limits hair regrowth, thanks to this new technology. In addition, hair removal is quick, painless and without side effects. The pulsed light epilator offers unrivaled comfort.

Difference between laser and pulsed light?

Even though the technology is much the same, there are some differences between these types of hair removal. Pulsed light hair removal helps to avoid tingling after use, but also to have results much faster.

questions to ask about laser hair removal

How many sessions to do?

It is difficult to answer this question without knowing all the characteristics such as knowing your skin type, the color of your hair, the area in question to be plucked … But you will see results from the first session.

What to do after a session?

Normally, you should not feel any tingling on your skin. However, since all the skins are different, it may be necessary to apply a little gel on the affected part. If you see hair regrowth after 2 days, nothing to worry about, since it will take several sessions to destroy the hair root.

Are there any contraindications?

If you are not sure about yourself, it is recommended to talk to your doctor, to see if you can use a pulsed light epilator. We do not recommend for example its use to people with diabetes, or being pregnant, or in menopause…

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