Pulsed light hair removal: the advantages

Have you heard of semi-permanent hair removal at home but are not 100% convinced? Or do you still have some questions about the reliability of this new technology?
IPL hair removal is based on the same functioning as laser hair removal found in institutes except that it has become accessible at home.
we offer you some tips and advice to make the field of pulsed light hair removal just a formality for you!
But first, let’s start by answering the essential question: what are the benefits of IPL hair removal?.

Why switch to pulsed light hair removal?

Finally, get rid of your hair permanently

Many methods can be used in the institute at home to get rid of unwanted hair.

However, pulsed light is currently the only technology allowing permanent hair removal. Indeed, this technique consists in sending a flash of light absorbed by the hair pigment.

Converted into heat, the light burns the bulb, destroying the root and considerably reducing hair growth in just a few months.

The comfort of waxing at home

Thanks to the existence of the pulsed light epilator, everyone can now remove hair from their home.

You will benefit from an easy-to-use device that can treat both the body and the face. It has been designed with a specific design and ergonomics offering maximum maneuverability.

A much less expensive method than in an institute

To the delight of women and men concerned about their beauty, it is no longer mandatory to go to an institute and spend a fortune to depilate properly.

The different models of IPL epilators are today offered at prices accessible to all as we prove the Remington I-Light Essentiel.

It is much more advantageous to invest in a quality device of fewer than 200 $ and to enjoy a minimum of 2 years of use than to pay more than 100 $ for each session, not to mention the time lost and the cost of travel.

An effective and safe technique

One of the main advantages of a pulsed light epilator is its efficiency. Due to the light pulses delivered by this type of device, it allows a reduction of more than 90% of the hair after a few treatments.

Also, offering between 100,000 and 400,000 depending on the model, it has an average lifespan of at least 5 years. This method also has the advantage of not being dangerous. Most semi-permanent hair removal devices are clinically tested and have a contact and complexion sensor as well as a UV filter.

Some recommendations and advice

Choose your epilator according to its efficiency

A quality IPL epilator must be effective. To choose your device well, it is therefore important to prioritize its functionality.

Opt for models that have more flashes for longer use. Know that the more powerful it is, the more efficient it is.

You must also take into account the different modes that the epilator offers.

Choose according to your needs

To find the best semi-permanent hair removal device, it is best to determine its needs.

Each model is different and while some are suitable for several types of skin and hair, others are not.

It is also essential to inform yourself about additional accessories because they are not always similar from one epilator to another and some versions do not even offer them.

Choose according to the areas to be depilated

Which area will I want to epilate? This is the question you should ask yourself before purchasing a pulsed light epilator. Indeed, some versions can only be used in a specific area.

If the models with a large window are designed for larger parts of the body such as the back and legs, those with a smaller window are made for areas requiring more precision, such as the face or armpits . The best alternative is therefore to choose a versatile version with several tips that is suitable for hair removal on the body and face.

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