Pulsed light epilator: instructions for use

Have you chosen pulsed light hair removal but don’t know how to use your new device? Or maybe you are hesitating on a model but you are not sure of the result?
Meilleur-Epilateur explains how to use your new beauty accessory?
The operation itself is quite simple because it is the machine that does the work for you!
On the other hand, for 100% efficiency, it is important to follow some advice before, during and after your sessions to obtain perfectly smooth and beautiful skin.
You will see: using it is adopting it! Your legs will be so radiant that you won’t even want to wear pants!

How does it work?

Pulsed light is a bright flash that turns into heat in order to burn the hair root, thus stopping its regrowth.

The operation of the pulsed light epilator is very simple and safe, provided you read the instructions before use.

The device generally has a manual and continuous mode, with levels of light intensity to choose from 1 to 5. You will thus adapt the mode and the intensity according to the areas to be treated.

How do I use my epilator?

Step 1

Start by preparing your skin according to your hair:

Before you start using your device, it is very important to prepare your skin. This step is crucial, it will bring you a better final result!

To do this, you must first shave or epilate with wax or an electric epilator. Regardless of the mode of hair removal, do as you used to do before, the method does not matter.

2nd step

Depending on the area to be depilated, you must choose the appropriate tip. Prefer the tips with large windows for epilating large areas and smaller tips for areas that are more difficult to access. Some models of IPL epilators have curved tips for best results on all parts of the body.

Regarding the intensity, it is preferable to follow the indications proposed by the manufacturer in the user manual. Because it offers you different intensity modes depending on your skin color and the technology used.

There are smart models that automatically adjust the intensity according to the color of your skin. This option is very interesting if you are not sure!

step 3

Position your epilator and flash:

To flash the area to be epilated, you must place the device vertically so that the tip completely covers the skin, then press the button. The flash emits light pulses captured by the root of the hair, which will cause it to fall naturally and limit its regrowth.

To move to the next zone, you can swipe the device which allows faster epilation or simply target the next zone to be epilated.

It is important to remember that a single session is not enough for the total removal of hair. Carefully read the manufacturer’s explanations to know the number of repetitions required and the time intervals between each session.

Depending on the model you have chosen, there are “hair removal coach”, these are applications that accompany you over the sessions, in particular, thanks to a schedule for each area of ​​your body.

Step 4

Enjoy your soft legs and don’t forget to do your touch-up sessions:

After your first session, a large majority of your hair will have fallen out and regrowth will be slowed down.

On the other hand, depending on your hair and the color of your hair, it is important to be careful when touching up. They are generally to be done every 4 to 8 weeks. this will allow you to keep your legs smooth for a long time.

Recommendations before use

When to use it?

Most pulsed light epilators are not suitable for skin recently exposed to the sun.

The most favorable period for this mode of hair removal is, therefore, winter, because you must avoid sunbathing 1 month before and 3 weeks after each treatment.

It should also be noted that the area to be treated must be shaved a few days before the session so that the heat of the light easily reaches the hair bulb. However, avoid hair removal, as the hairs must be visible to the device.

How effective is it?

Tests and testimonials prove that the pulsed light epilator is very effective, at least for long-lasting results.
It is indeed a semi-permanent hair removal device that removes a limited number of hairs at each session.
This is why it is necessary to repeat the sessions regularly according to the indicated frequencies. And depending on the quality of the device, you can enjoy soft and smooth skin for a whole year after a regular treatment of 10 to 15 sessions.

What type of skin should I use it for?

The IPL epilator was designed to detect black hair on fair skin. It is, therefore, smarter to apply this tool on very light to slightly dark skin so that the contrast with the hairs is clearly visible and thus allows an effective treatment.


The use of the semi-permanent hair removal device is prohibited in children and adolescents, as well as in pregnant women, lactating women, diabetics and people taking drugs such as antibiotics, photo-sensitizers or even anticoagulants.

The treatment will not also work on light, white, gray, red hair and it is not recommended for dark, tanned, too dark and black skin because of the risk of getting burned. Avoid applying pulsed light hair removal too close to the eyes, on tattoos, as well as on moles.

Finally, it is strictly forbidden to depilate a down, because the heat given off by the pulsed light risks transforming them into large black hairs, in particular, those of the face and belly.
Use according to the areas to be depilated

The face

The facial skin is very sensitive and requires a delicate operation. Hair removal in pulsed light in these small areas is most often done manually because precision is very important.

Women usually treat the eyebrows, chin and upper lip while men will pluck the neck, the ears, and the legs.


The armpits are among the areas most treated with the pulsed light epilator and on which we obtain very good results.

Women and men will take advantage of this device to remove armpit hair in just 5 minutes maximum for each session.

Whole legs

For a quick and effective session, pulsed light hair removal from the legs is done in continuous mode.

Just hold down the flash button and the camera will continuously flash and you’ll just slide it over your legs. The session can last 15 minutes for both legs.

Back, shoulders, torso

Here, men are the most concerned. Indeed, hair removal of the back, shoulders, and torso are very common in men, whether for hygienic or aesthetic reasons. And the IPL epilator will allow them to perfectly flash these areas.

Intimate areas

It is obvious that waxing or electric epilating the bikini line is not at all feasible because of the pain.

Fortunately, the IPL epilator provides a completely painless treatment to get rid of existing hair on these parts.

The other areas

Be aware that it is not very recommended to apply the treatment with pulsed light on a beard, but also on the thighs and forearms. The hairs on these parts generally do not respond to treatment and can, on the contrary, become thicker and blacker, especially if they are fine hairs such as those of down and belly.

Use in women and men

Whether in women or in men, you should always wait until you have fully mature hair before starting treatment with the IPL epilator for the face and body, i.e. between 20 and 25 years.

For the body, the device can be used very well for men and women, especially for pulsed light hair removal from the legs, armpits, bikini line, torso, shoulders, and back. On the other hand, only women can apply the pulsed light epilator on the face to get rid of the hair on the chin, upper lip, and cheeks.

Life of a pulsed light epilator

Number of flashes

The number of flashes defines the lifespan of the camera and may vary from one model to another.

In general, the more expensive the device, the more it has a very long-life lamp.

The flashes can range from 100,000 to 450,000, ie a life of between 2 and 5 years or more.

Number of sessions

You will find on the instructions for use of each pulsed light epilator the session program to follow for an effective treatment.

In general, the first 4 uses should always be done every two weeks or every month to change to once every 2 months, then once every 3 months.

After 2 years, the sessions can have an interval of 6 months to reach up to a year. A complete program can thus count 10 to 15 sessions in all.

Cleaning my pulsed light epilator

It is very important to clean your epilator after each use, in particular, to guarantee better functioning.

To do this, wipe the exterior of the device with a soft cloth to remove any sweat stains.

Do not forget to clean the light surface of each endpiece so as not to accumulate remnants of hair and damage the flash system of the tool or even modify the light intensity it produces.

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