Pulsed light epilator for the face: which one to choose?

You want to acquire a pulsed light epilator but the main objective is to be able to depilate your face?

Eyebrow, the contour of the mouth and even cheeks, you can fully benefit from IPL technology for semi-permanent hair removal on your face!

we offers you a quick overview of the best IPL epilators for the face

Choosing a pulsed light epilator for the face

What is the difference with a normal IPL epilator?

The areas of the body and the face are not effectively the same, hence the need for a special accessory for the depilation of each of these parts.

Pulsed light hair removal from facial areas requires perfect precision. The treatment is done using an IPL epilator with a tip with a smaller application window than that dedicated to flashing the body.

The device is also differentiated by a soft mode or a very low light intensity allowing to treat the different parts of the face safely and without pain.

The important criteria

Window or epilation head size: 2 cm²

The most suitable light surface for flashing the face is 2 cm². Other accessories even have an even smaller window tip, 1 cm².

This small window essentially allows you to target unwanted hair on the upper lip, cheeks, forehead or chin.

The pulsed light epilator for the face thus offers better precision and above all a much more comfortable use.

Flash frequency: 4 sec

Unlike the rapid treatment used for the legs and arms, IPL hair removal on the cheeks is slower.

Indeed, the device emits a flash only every 3 or 4 seconds.

This functionality has been designed so that the user can easily move the accessory over the target hair before the emission of each flash.

Duration of use: 1.5 minutes

Facial hair removal should not take as long. The average duration of each session is 1.5 minutes.

Important recommendations before purchase

Skin type

As with any use with pulsed light, the device only detects dark hairs on very light skin.

It is therefore important to have natural light or slightly dark skin for the treatment to be effective.

Most semi-permanent hair removal devices are suitable for skin tones from phototype I to V.

Shave or not before

On the part of the face, the hairs are not very thick or very long and therefore do not require a shaving session.

However, if you have to deal with some very thick and somewhat long hairs, you must still shave before each treatment with pulsed light to allow the heat to easily reach the root of the hair.


To avoid possible incidents of burns, avoid applying the device as much as possible on matt, tanned, self-tanned and too dark skin.

Pulsed light treatment will also not be effective on light, white, gray, red and discolored hair. Also note that it is strongly advised not to use the IPL epilator on moles, tattoos and irritated skin.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also deprived of this type of hair removal, as are people with diabetes and those who take photo-sensitizers, anticoagulants and antibiotics.

Permanent facial hair removal: the risks

Are there any risks?

You must above all know that hair removal with pulsed light is not a medical procedure and that it can be done in a beauty salon or better yet, at home!

It is, therefore, a safe treatment, provided you follow the instructions in the user manual. Pulsed light hair removal too close to the eyes is therefore very dangerous and requires wearing glasses.

It is also necessary to make sure not to apply the device on a too dark skin to avoid the risks of burns, just like the complications which can occur in certain prohibited persons of use.

Does it hurt?

There is nothing more painful than electric hair removal, waxing, wire or laser. Know that with pulsed light, you can relax while depilating your face.

The pain is almost nonexistent and you will only feel slight tingling of heat and only if the energy level is too high.

However, if you fear pain, you can always apply an anesthetic cream on the areas to be treated.

Dermatological point of view

In general, the use of the semi-permanent hair removal device should always require a complete examination of the skin and medical checks.

Indeed, it is very important to know if our skin is suitable for this type of treatment according to its complexion, sensitivity and the different diseases it presents. These various analyses are thus essential in order to preserve health and use the device safely.

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