Pulsed light epilator: advice before getting started

Have you heard of semi-permanent hair removal but don’t dare to start?
First, you should know that a pulsed light epilator is a device identical to those used in the institute, but for home use.
Its role is to produce a flash of intense light which converts into heat and will be absorbed by the hair. This heat then burns the hair bulb in order to stop its regrowth. It is important to note that the heat emitted does not burn the skin. It can emit a few tingles depending on the sensitivity of each, but they are hardly noticeable!
To help you make your choice, we suggest you read these tips before getting started with the purchase of an IPL epilator for hair removal at home.

Pulsed light or laser epilator: the differences

These two types of light generally act in the same way on the hair.

However, unlike the laser, the pulsed light treatment is completely painless and produces only slight tingling.

The pulsed light can also be adjusted according to the desired intensity, ranging from the weakest to the most powerful, which is not always the case with the laser.

Before use: the recommendations

Skin color

Pulsed light acts directly on black and brown pigments, which is why the use of the pulsed light epilator on dark skin requires a softer intensity setting to avoid burns.
The device is therefore ideal for very light or slightly dark skin and not tanned or too dark. It is always advisable to read the manual supplied with the accessory because not all electric epilators have the same settings and the same method of use.

Hair type

Before each hair removal session, it is important to shave the area to be treated so that the flash can easily reach the hairline.

Also, make sure that the hairs are sufficiently black and thick for the device to detect them immediately since the IPL epilator is only effective on very dark hairs where it obtains a good contrast with light skin. The different types of bristles adapted to each tool are also indicated on a well-detailed table located on the outside of the box or in the instructions.

Down hair removal

It is strictly forbidden to depilate the down, especially that of the face. Indeed, the hairs there do not respond to the treatment of hair removal with pulsed light and on the contrary, the heat may transform them into large black hairs.

Hair removal: contraindications

How old

As long as the hair is not yet mature, it is better not to start treatment with pulsed light.

It is, therefore, to be avoided in children and adolescents, but at what age should the pulsed light epilator is used? Wait until you are at least 20 years old if you are a woman and 25 for a man.

For dark skin

The majority of semi-permanent hair removal devices are only suitable for skin tones of phototype I to IV.

For darker or tanned skin, some high-quality tools offer a lower energy level  to flash the skin in less intense light.

However, the darkest skin is deprived of this mode of hair removal.

For pregnant women

Like any other laser treatment, the pulsed light epilator in pregnant women is also to be avoided. Although the effects are not really known, our advice is not to take risks so as not to harm the health of the mother and child.

Photo-sensitizing drugs

If you are undergoing medical treatment with drugs that increase the photosensitivity of your skin, it would be better not to take any risks with the IPL epilator.

Hair removal: what areas of the body can I epilate?

Preferred areas

The areas to focus on for pulsed light hair removal are the legs, armpits and bikini line.

For men, certain accessories allow treatment of the back, shoulders, and torso.

The other areas

The results of the pulsed light epilator on the forearms are reduced to nothing. The treatment of these parts is therefore not recommended, as is the down of the bust and the belly.

However, some devices allow the flashing of the face in women, including the cheeks, chin and upper lip.

Pulsed light epilator: does it work?

Permanent hair removal or not?

When talking about a pulsed light epilator, do not expect a permanent loss of your hair. Indeed, if the heat emitted by the flash burns the root of the hair, it is of course to stop its regrowth, but not completely.

Pulsed light only removes the bulb for a certain time, on average 1 or 2 months, to avoid having to wax every other day.

What result can we expect?

First of all, the pain with the pulsed light epilator is nonexistent. Each session will allow you to enjoy a real moment of relaxation and well-being.

As for the result, you will notice that your hair will not appear as quickly as when you shaved or waxed it. They will also be fewer and thinner as you continue the hair removal treatment.

Number of sessions required

The number of sessions required at the start of treatment is on average 4. And as it is essential to repeat the session regularly, these will generally be spaced 2 weeks apart.

After these first 4 uses, the next sessions can be done once every 4 weeks or even 8 weeks, depending on your regrowth. However, you will already notice very satisfactory results after 4 sessions.

Pulsed light epilator: the risks

As we have already mentioned, the use of the IPL epilator is harmless. It does not produce any pain on the skin, except that slight tingling due to the heat.

Also, most of these devices have a skin type sensor for automatic adaptation of the light intensity to each skin type. The risks and side effects of the pulsed light epilator are therefore very minimal if only the stimulation of collagenosis which produces an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect.

And if it poses no risk of pain or cancer, it will, however, allow you to lose 30% of your hair in just a few weeks!

Here are the models that we offer if you are a beginner: these are easy to use and ultra-reliable products!

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