Powerful Beurer ipl 7500 Review 2020

Beurer ipl 7500 Review ! Are you looking for an efficient IPL epilator at a low cost? The Beurer brand now offers you a quality device that can be used at home that will allow you to get rid of your hair in the long term.
It is an electric epilator with pulsed light technology that removes the hair follicle from the hair and prevents its regrowth. All at a very competitive price for the market.
You wi ll discover through this article the characteristics and Beurer ipl 7500 Review .

Technical characteristics

  • Number of flashes: 150,000 flashes
  • Flash speed : 1 flash / second
  • Number of end piece and size of end window: 1 end piece at 3.1 cm²
  • Flash mode: continuous or “flashes in series”
  • Lamp type and technology: intense pulsed light technology
  • Skin types affected: I-IV
  • Use: body and face
  • Power supply: mains connection

Beurer IPL Long Lasting Pro Hair Removal .......
Beurer IPL Long Lasting Pro Hair Removal .......
wired 150,000 light pulses cartridge included
  • 2 in 1 sensor
  • “lightning in series” function
  • very comfortable
  • with mobile app
  • like professional hair removal sessions

  • only works on mains
  • a single large window nozzle

Beurer-ipl-7500-ReviewHis advantages

This Beurer ipl 7500  has been clinically tested. It, therefore, guarantees the same ultra-modern light pulse technology as that used by dermatologists for professional hair removal sessions.

It also has a 2-in-1 sensor that ensures efficient and safe use. The latter checks both whether the skin pigmentation are suitable for the treatment and detect whether the luminous surface is completely in contact with the skin before triggering a flash.

Beurer ipl 7500 Review also has the “lightning in series” function. It allows a more comfortable use, in particular, to quickly flash all the larger areas of the body, such as the leg, arms or belly.
Made in a compact design, it is very comfortable and offers a pleasant grip. This accessory measures 72 x 132 x 44 mm and weighs only 224 g, which is very light and not bulky.
Finally, you can use the MyIPL application to help you use your epilator correctly and offer you the intensity level that is right for you. It is also very practical for creating a personalized treatment plan, with a calendar function and a reminder function for your next hair removal sessions.

Its disadvantages

Beurer ipl 7500 Review works only on mains, hence its main negative point. The cord can then inconvenience the user during each session and it should always be installed near a source of electricity.

Although it can be used for body and face treatment, Beurer ipl 7500 has only one tip with a large application window. It, therefore, does not have a special head that would allow precise flashing of small areas of the face.

And for a price of 130 euros, we regret not receiving a small transport and protection cover to store the accessory in the bathroom.

Device details


Its main functions

Beurer ipl 7500  emits a flash every second, which is very convenient for quickly treating larger parts of the body. Moreover, the SatinSkin Pro has a single tip with a large application window of 3.1 cm² to allow this function.

To ensure safe use at home, Beurer ipl 7500 has an integrated skin sensor that measures the pigmentation of the skin before the emission of each flash. And for this, the device will adopt the three light intensities according to each skin type.

Mode and use of Beurer ipl 7500 Review 

Before each flashing, do not forget to shave or epilate all the parts to be treated. This step will make it easier for light pulses to reach the hair follicles.

Then you can connect the device, choose the light intensity that suits you, position the light surface on the skin and press the flash button.

Beurer ipl 7500  offers the flash mode “flashes in series”. This is a function that allows you to emit flashes continuously by holding down the button. The accessory will then flash once per second for particularly fast processing.

Used on the body and face, it will remove all your unwanted hair on the legs, arms, bikini line, underarms, belly, cheeks, chin and upper lip.

The accessory is also allowed in men, with exclusively hair removal from all parts of the body, because the facial hair is not suitable for treatment.

Beurer ipl 7500 is particularly effective on light to tanned skin, that is to say, those that are included in phototype I to V. It is therefore not advisable to use it on very dark skin, as on very light, red and gray hairs. Only dark blonde, brown and black hair is accepted.

Efficiency and durability

To get better results on the body, it is necessary to repeat the first four sessions every two weeks.

Then continue the program with the next three sessions every four weeks. For the face, use it six times every two weeks, then with a few additional sessions every four weeks.

The touch-ups will then be done according to your regrowth. Do not worry about the durability of the camera since it offers up to 150,000 flashes, usable for 2 years and more.

The tests carried out on this IPL epilator demonstrate the efficiency of 50% less hair after a treatment of 4 sessions. Each session lasts only a few minutes, i.e. only 20 minutes for full body hair removal.

Otherwise, you can count one minute for the face, 2 minutes for the armpits, 7 minutes for the arms, 1 minute for the bikini line and 16 minutes for the legs. And to ensure product quality, the Beurer brand offers a 5-year guarantee.

Design and ergonomics of Beurer ipl 7500 Review 

The compact design of Beurer ipl 7500 was thought to offer a better use.

Unlike the pistol shape of some devices, the latter has a shape that is very easy to handle.

It is very light, not bulky and allows you to easily reach all areas of the body and small parts of the face during the flashing session.


Value for money

Beurer ipl 7500 is an ultra-modern semi-permanent hair removal device and yet it is offered for less than 150 $. Because of its functionality and efficiency, the price of this beautiful accessory is perfectly suited to it. It is indeed on sale at only 129.99 $, which is accessible to all.

Supplied accessories of Beurer ipl 7500 Review 

In the box where the IPL epilator will be delivered, you will also find its charger and its user manual. No other tip comes with the device, there is no storage pouch or cleaning cloth.

Certainly, the  Beurer ipl 7500 peut sembler plus simpliste par rapport à d’autres épilateurs à lumière pulsée car il ne fonctionne pas sans fil, n’a qu’une seule pointe et ne propose que 150 000 flashs. Cependant, si vous êtes un débutant dans le domaine de l’épilation à la lumière pulsée et que vous cherchez un appareil bon marché et pourtant très efficace, cet accessoire est pour vous. [/ Vc_column_text]
Cartouche filaire de 150 000 impulsions lumineuses inclus
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9.5 Total Score

User Rating: 5 (1 votes)

Instruction video for the IPL 7000 hair removal device from Beurer

This video shows you how to correctly use the Beurer IPL 7000 hair removal device for permanent hair removal.

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