Permanent hair removal: in an institute or at home?

Pulsed light or IPL and laser are undoubtedly the best methods used today for effective and lasting hair removal.
Although they both remove unwanted hair permanently, these technologies do not have the same functionality.
IPL consists in using an intense light emitted at the root of the hair to eliminate it and prevent its regrowth. While the laser, it destroys the root of the hair by a beam of high power.
Also, an IPL epilator is more efficient and faster because it can reduce up to 80% of your hair and treat larger areas.

Hair removal in an institute


There are many advantages of opting for pulsed light hair removal in an institute. Just being in the hands of a professional is already reassuring.

In addition, there is no longer a place where there is no beauty salon nearby. You will thus be able to enjoy a soothing atmosphere and relax while noticing perfect results at the end of the session. The hair removal techniques adopted by beauticians are effective and you can choose the one that suits you.

Also, the devices used in the institutes are specific, high quality and safe.

The inconvenients

At the current pace of life, many people cannot devote time to regularly visit a beauty salon. However, a pulsed light treatment is only effective over several sessions spread over a few months.

In addition, the cost of hair removal in an institute, whatever the technique used, is quite high and is only accessible at a certain higher budget.

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IPL hair removal at home


Home hair removal is becoming more and more common thanks to the existence of a wide range of easy-to-use pulsed light epilators currently available on the market.

You will no longer have to make an appointment or move around and waste precious time to enjoy smooth and silky skin every day, since your device takes care of everything. In addition, you will be able to do your treatments anywhere and at any time.

Know that you can now wax at home in peace, because the best semi permanent hair removal devices, such as the Philips lumea prestige, Remington I-Light Essentiel or Braun silk-expert are clinically tested and do not present any danger. They are often equipped with a contact and skin tone sensor, with a UV filter for optimal protection of your skin.

The inconvenients

Hair removal at home is not always easy, despite the quality and effectiveness of current pulsed light epilators, especially if you want to treat complicated and difficult to access areas such as the armpits or bikini line.

Also, it takes an exemplary patient to treat the whole body since it can last more than an hour depending on the device not to mention the fatigue of the arm as well as the back.

The cost

To the delight of women and men concerned about their beauty and well-being, IPL epilators are nowadays offered at very affordable prices.

It is therefore a good investment, since generally between 100 and 500 $, these semi permanent hair removal devices are suitable both on the body than the face. They offer a service life of up to 450,000 flashes either a lifetime of use.

Best Laser Hair Removal
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