How to clean laser hair removal machine? Important steps

Efficient and revolutionary? Certainly, these are the words that characterize the pulsed light epilator. However, and like any other device, it must be well maintained and by that, we mean thoroughly cleaned after each use. Bacteria, drops of water, dirt, everything must disappear! And since it is completely recommended to do it before you avoid many surprises, we explain here how to do it, step by step.

Step 1

First of all, unplug the appliance to avoid any hassle with the connection. If it is not connected to the mains, in this case, no problem. Then remove the window or tip that contains the lamp and that is in permanent contact with the skin. It is he who keeps dust or bacteria.

Step 2

Take a clean cloth to which you can add a little water to clean the different parts of the nozzle, but also of the handle. Do not press too hard on the window as this may affect its effectiveness. However, be sure to pass the cloth through the small hidden recesses of your tip.

Step 3

The hardest thing is done. In the end, it was not that difficult. You can now replace your window on the device. Once done, make sure to always store your device in its protective cover to avoid permanent contact with dust and bacteria. Be aware that most of them are sold with a kit so that you can put away your pulsed light epilator as soon as you have finished using it.

Tips: Anyway, the best is obviously to clean your device after each session and then put it away. The important thing is that the window always remains clean so as not to alter its operation. A dirty window could limit the effect of flashes on the hair and therefore slow hair removal.

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