How to choose your pulsed light epilator?

Hair removal at home has never been easier since the appearance of IPL epilators. In fact, in a few weeks, you will opt for smooth and beautiful skin thanks to semi-permanent hair removal technology.
But then how to choose your equipment? And what are the important criteria to take into account before embarking on the purchase of such a device?
Indeed, as soon as we talk about electro-beauty equipment, it is important to take into account the concept of health and skincare. So here are some tips to help you find your way!
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The number of flashes

There is a wide range of epilators on the market offering an average number of flashes between 50,000 and 400,000.

This is a very important criterion on the choice of your semi-permanent hair removal device because the light pulses which can trigger condition its durability.

However, be aware that the models offering more flashes are in most cases more expensive. Besides the number, it is also essential to check whether the pulsed light epilator has a manual flash mode or only a continuous mode. However, both the first and second versions prove to be effective.

The Windows

The head or tip of an IPL epilator has a luminous surface also called a window, the size of which varies from one model to another.

The type and size thereof are chosen according to the areas to be treated.

It is for example advisable to opt for a window of approximately 2 to 3 cm² if you want to treat sensitive areas requiring a certain precision, such as the armpits, the bikini line, and the face.

For larger areas, such as the back, torso, and legs, you can choose a device equipped with a large light surface for more efficiency and speed.

It should be noted that the majority of the models currently available on the market have a depilation head suitable for both the body and the face. In addition, some, including the Lumea Prestige SC2009 / 00 are even supplied with several specific tip sizes for each zone.


For a pulsed light hair removal to be effective, you must opt ​​for regular treatments. Therefore, a model with fairly long durability is essential.

The more the camera has a large number of flashes, the more it offers an extended duration of use. Indeed, if a version of 100,000 flashes has a lifespan of 2 years, an electric epilator of 300,000 flashes like the Braun Silk Expert 5 IPL BD 5009 offers the durability of more than 10 years. Besides the number of light pulses, the manufacturer’s warranty must be taken into account.

Power: rechargeable or mains?

There are 2 types of pulsed light epilators. There are the corded models equipped with a sector, such as the Redmington I-Light Prestige IPL 6750 and the Beurer Salon Pro System IPL 9000+ and those which are rechargeable such as the Babyliss Homelight Compact G933.

Each of these types of epilators has its advantages and disadvantages. If the mains-powered devices always offer constant power, the wireless versions are more comfortable to use.

On the one hand, the power cable can be annoying, especially for the treatment of difficult to access areas. For wireless epilators, you must recharge the battery before each session so that it does not drop during epilation.

Choose well according to yourself

Depending on the skin type

An ideal IPL epilator is above all a device suitable for you. This is why it is important to be well informed on which skin and hair color the model can be used.

This is to have better results, but above all to avoid the risk of burns.

If some versions are only effective on skin types I to IV, others are even on darker skin.

Depending on the area (s) to be epilated

In addition to the skin type, you must also choose your semi-permanent hair removal device according to the areas to be treated. There are tips of specific size and shape for each area.

If the curved windows with a dimension of 2 cm² are for example dedicated to the parts of the body or of the face requiring more precision, such as the armpits, the bikini line or the upper lip, the epilation heads of 4 to 7 cm² are designed for larger areas.

Also, since each area often has a different skin color, it is best to look for models with a skin tone sensor.

According to his budget

The pulsed light epilator is now accessible to all budgets. However, the price usually varies depending on certain elements, including the number of flashes, features, brand or accessories included.

To acquire the perfect device at the best price, it is advisable to choose according to your needs. If you only wanted to get rid of the hairs from your legs, there is no need to invest a lot of money for a model suitable for the body and face. However, it is very likely to find a high-quality multifunctional version that is inexpensive.

For a man or a woman

The majority of electric epilators using pulsed light can be used by both women and men. However, we must be careful, because some models are not suitable for the skin of the male face. It is therefore essential to inquire carefully about the compatibility of the device before purchase to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Some advice before buying

Trust the brands

Although the use of this type of electro beauty device is safe, it is still important to be wary of its quality.

To enjoy safe hair removal at home, there is nothing better than opting for a brand epilator. Indeed, it is better to trust brands when it comes to health. Brands like Philips, Braun, Remington, Babyliss, and Beurer are benchmarks in the fields of health, hygiene, and body care. Also, their products are systematically checked dermatologically.

So a word of advice, avoid the “No Name” product, which may be more attractive in terms of price, but we don’t know precisely the impact of their product on our skin!

Trust consumer reviews

If you plan to buy your epilator online, it is best to take the advice and advice of consumers who have already used the device.

Indeed, the importance of reviews is paramount: this will allow you not only to put yourself in their place but also to have an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Also, you will know what to expect from efficiency and ease of use.

Compare well before purchase

To the delight of beauty lovers, the biggest brands now offer a wide variety of IPL epilators.

However, finding the perfect model among many is not always an easy task.

The best way to find the perfect device is to compare and test it on several versions. You will be able to choose the one that best meets your expectations and needs.

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