Flash lamp or laser lamp: the differences

There are currently two methods which are similar, and yet which are so different: hair removal with flash lamp (pulsed light) and laser lamp. What are the differences between these two means of combating hair growth?
This is pulsed light hair removal, and this consists of sending powerful flashes to the targeted area in order to destroy the hair (several sessions will be necessary). There are many powerful devices.
It is a xenon flash which will transmit light of several colors and with variable wavelengths, which will penetrate the skin more or less in-depth. It is a hair removal technique that has revolutionized the world in recent years by its unparalleled effectiveness.

The main differences

There are notable differences with laser hair removal. Its mode of light emission is totally different because it is chromatic, which means only one color. So it’s different from the flash lamp which emits several colors.

Laser hair removal will only be used for this, then, that there is great versatility for the flash lamp. Indeed, the latter can, of course, do hair removal, but also several other things such as:

  • Treatment of brown spots
  • Acne treatment
  • Fight vascular problems

However, before using this device for this kind of problem, it will be necessary to seek advice from your attending physician. One should not do self-medication.

In terms of user comfort, it is often said that pulsed light hair removal is easier and softer. Indeed, the rest time is much longer between sessions than with laser hair removal. So we rest our skin.

Here are the main differences that there can be between these two types of techniques. You can now make the choice that suits you.

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