How to clean laser hair removal machine? Important steps

Efficient and revolutionary? Certainly, these are the words that characterize the pulsed light epilator. However, and like any other device, it must be well ...

Popular 6 questions to ask about laser hair removal

Questions to ask about laser hair removal ,If you are looking for a pulsed light epilator, you are probably wondering about the device. Many questions come up ...

Flash lamp or laser lamp: the differences

There are currently two methods which are similar, and yet which are so different: hair removal with flash lamp (pulsed light) and laser lamp. What are the ...

Permanent hair removal: in an institute or at home?

Pulsed light or IPL and laser are undoubtedly the best methods used today for effective and lasting hair removal. Although they both remove unwanted hair ...

Pulsed light epilator for the face: which one to choose?

You want to acquire a pulsed light epilator but the main objective is to be able to depilate your face? Eyebrow, the contour of the mouth and even cheeks, ...

Pulsed light epilator: advice before getting started

Have you heard of semi-permanent hair removal but don't dare to start? First, you should know that a pulsed light epilator is a device identical to those used ...

What to choose between Ipl hair Removal and Electric epilator?

  On the one hand, there are the followers of the electric epilator, those who have been satisfied with it for many years and who replace their device ...

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