best price for philips lumea prestige BRI949 2020

best price for philips lumea prestige

The prestigious world

After a shaving or waxing session, you may have noticed that the hairs take very little time to grow back.

What if you were told that with the Lumea Prestige frolm Philips pulsed light epilator your hair would be very reduced and that you would only have to epilate once every 4 to 8 weeks? Or even more at all ??

You will discover through this buying guide different versions of semi-permanent hair removal devices usable at home, offered by the Lumea Prestige range.

  • Number of flashes: 250,000 flashes
  • Flash speed: 3.5 ms
  • Number of bits and size of bit windows:
    • 1 body tip of 4 cm²
    • 1 special face cap of 2 cm²
    • 1 special jersey tip of 2 cm²
  • Flash mode: continuous and manual
  • Lamp type and technology: high-strength quartz alloy lamp with secure flash system
  • Skin types affected: IV
  • Use: body and face
  • Power: 100 – 240 Volts
  • Power supply: works wirelessly and on mains
  • Included accessories:
    • 3 tips: body, face, bikini
    • 1 cleaning cloth
    • 1 storage pocket

Pros and Cons of Lumea prestige

  • great autonomy
  • 3 different tips
  • 5 intensity levels
  • wireless

  • a bit heavy at first

His advantages

This accessory differs from most electric epilators by the fact that it can be used wirelessly. Thanks to this feature, it is much more practical and handy, because no cord disturbs you during flashing, especially for difficult to access areas.Its great autonomy also allows it to hold up to 27 minutes of wireless session for flashing in intensity 5 and 2 hours in intensity 1. For this, the required charging time lasts only 60 minutes and you can then take it away everywhere without charger for less clutter.

world prestige

It is a very good quality product that meets the expectations of the most demanding since it is supplied with three different tips. The body tip has a large flashing window to treat a larger area quickly. The two other tips with a smaller window allow better precision of flashing for the face and the jersey.

The pulsed light technology offers the lamp a long lifespan of 250,000 flashes and can serve up to 500 uses on the whole body, which is equivalent to a period of at least 5 years.

The 5 intensity levels offered by the device allow everyone to choose the one that best suits their skin tone. These settings offer an intensity ranging from the softest to the most intense to guarantee effective and completely painless hair removal.

Its disadvantages

At Philips, we used to have a SmartSkin sensor on IPL epilators, but too bad this model does not have one. Thus, it does not have the functionality which automatically recommends the light intensity adapted to the skin tone making its use more difficult for beginners.

world prestige

They will therefore have to carefully review the different types of skins and suitable hairs found on the box of the device.

Made in a gun-shaped design, it has a fairly large size and a fairly heavy weight compared to a more conventional epilator. Using it for several minutes can quickly make you feel tired in your arms.

Finally, we must not forget that the device is sold for more than 470 euros. Admittedly, this is a price that corresponds to the quality of the product, but it is still a huge investment that is not accessible to everyone.

Device details

Its main functions

The operation of flashes

The speed of the flashes emitted by the epilator is 3.5 ms. Note however that the time interval between flashes is only constant when the camera is in continuous flash mode.

Once in manual flash mode, it emits a flash only each time you press the corresponding button.

The different types of tips

To take full advantage of a complete and effective hair removal session, the Lumea Prestige offers 3 types of tips, including one with a large flashing window, i.e. 4 cm², for rapid treatment of large areas of the body.

world prestige

The essential dedicated mouthpiece has its own integrated filter glass for better application, both effective and secure. This has a flash window of 2 cm² and can also be used for the treatment of armpits and sensitive areas.

Finally, there is the special jersey accessory at 2 cm² of application window, offering a higher light intensity to perfectly remove thick hairs from this area.


Intensity levels

Located on the sleeve of the device, the light intensity adjustment is very practical and easy to use. It then has 5 levels of intensity, ranging from the mildest to the highest. Each user can adapt the light intensity they wish to apply to their skin, depending on the areas to be flashed.

Level 1 does offer a very slight light intensity, but even when you select level 5, the flashing is completely painless and harmless, since you only feel small tingling on the skin. Unlike a laser epilator, the pulsed light technology respects the skin thanks to its gentle use.

Philips Lumea BRI949/00 Prestige IPL Hair Removal Tool with 4 Attachments for Body, Face, Bikini and
Philips Lumea BRI949/00 Prestige IPL Hair Removal Tool with 4 Attachments for Body, Face, Bikini and
The latest hair remover with IPL technology from Philips is ideal for light to dark skin types with dark blonde, brown & black hair - Corded power - up to 92% less hair after 3 uses

Mode and how to use Lumea prestige?

How does the device work?

world prestige

It has never been easier to start a hair removal session at home than with the Philips Lumea Prestige model. So how does it work? Once delivered to your home, the device must first be charged for a few hours, or 100 minutes to recharge the battery.

It works wirelessly, but can also be used on the mains when the battery is not full. Then choose the tip that corresponds to the area to be flashed, turn on the tool, choose a light intensity level and apply continuous or manual mode. Do not forget to shave or depilate the area to be treated before flashing it.

Flashing modes of lumea prestige.

Thanks to its two flash modes, this beauty accessory allows the effective use for each of the areas to be treated, whether on sensitive parts of the face or large areas of the body.

world prestige

The manual mode is used in particular to target the area to be treated, namely the bikini line, the chin, the upper lip, and the cheeks. To do this, all you have to do is press and release the flash button for the camera to emit a single flash.

On the other hand, the continuous mode is more practical for hair removal from the legs, arms or belly. Here, you have to keep the button pressed and slide the device on the skin to obtain continuous flashes in order to epilate faster.

The suitable skin and hair types

Only light and slightly dark skins are suitable for this tool. Thus, it is not recommended on very dark skin, just like on light blond, red, gray and white hair. Before purchasing this product, make sure you have dark blonde, brown or black hair.

What are the areas to be treated?

This tool is applicable on all parts of the body and face, as well as sensitive areas. You can get rid of leg hair, calves, belly, arms, bikini line, underarms, as well as chin, upper lip and cheeks.

best price for philips lumea prestige

The necessary maintenance

It is important to thoroughly clean the electric epilator after each use in order to remove the hair residue that can accumulate during a session.

With the cloth supplied, you can clean the exterior surface of the device, the surface of the filter glass and the metal frame behind the nozzle.

However, a cotton swab will also help you clean the light emission filter as well as all the different parts of the accessory. A lack of maintenance could actually cause an increase in the sensation of heat or even electrical malfunctions.

Efficiency and durability of Lumea prestige.

Treatment and program

The effectiveness of the treatment is only visible if the hair removal sessions are regular. To start, try to repeat the first four sessions every 2 weeks, i.e. for 2 months.

Then, for the fifth session, you can reduce to once every 4 weeks or depending on your regrowth. Our tests and clinical studies have also demonstrated a significant reduction in hair growth to 75% from the first 4 uses.

best price for philips lumea prestige

Duration of session for each zone to be flashed

This product offers rapidity of use, the duration of the session can vary depending on the extent of the area to be flashed and the size of the window of the nozzle used. For half a leg, count up to 8 minutes of flashing, 1 minute for an armpit, 1 minute for the bikini line and 1 minute for the parts of the face.

Device life

The lamp has a long lifespan which offers you up to 250,000 flashes, that is 500 uses on the whole body. Which lets you enjoy this quality accessory for at least 5 years, especially since it is under warranty for 2 years.


The complete charge time of the device is 100 minutes. At this level, it is capable of producing up to 370 flashes minimum. However, 60 minutes of charge is enough for it to be used for hair removal of 27 minutes in intensity 5 and 2 hours in intensity 1.

Design and ergonomics of the world of prestige.

The Lumea Prestige has been made in a well thought out design to facilitate its handling and use.

Its shape is similar to that of a hairdryer, but with a much smaller head and a more refined sleeve to give a very lightweight.

All-flash adjustment and trigger buttons are also placed on the sleeve to be close at hand

We can say that this is a very good quality product, especially thanks to its various functionalities, its efficiency, and the accessories supplied. And as the Philips brand is one of the best-known brands, it is obvious that the price of the device is quite substantial. It is, therefore, a product which presents an excellent quality/price ratio.

Supplied accessories

In the box that contains the IPL epilator, you also get a charger, 3 removable tips, a storage pouch, a cleaning cloth and a manual.

The Lumea Prestige model will seduce you above all by its elegant design, its efficiency and its comfort of use. Indeed, it can accompany you everywhere without you having to take its charger, because the latter has a very long battery life.

Thanks to its 3 dedicated tips for the body, face and bikini, you will get hair removal results as fast as they are effective after only 4 uses. The treatment is completely painless regardless of the light intensity level chosen and you can even opt for a continuous or manual flash mode.

This is for us the best pulsed light epilator to adopt if you are looking for a high quality device at a reasonable price.

Philips Lumea BRI949/00 Prestige IPL Hair Removal Tool with 4 Attachments for Body, Face, Bikini and ...
Philips Lumea BRI949/00 Prestige IPL Hair Removal Tool with 4 Attachments for Body, Face, Bikini and ...
The latest hair remover with IPL technology from Philips is ideal for light to dark skin types with dark blonde, brown & black hair - Corded power - up to 92% less hair after 3 uses

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