#1 tria hair removal laser 4x fuchsia helpful Guide

#1 tria hair removal laser 4x fuchsia is different because it’s a diode laser hair removal device. You can use it on the body and face. After each treatment fewer hairs grow back, and what does grow back grows slower, lighter and finer. You’ll eventually be smooth and hair-free. Occasional treatments maintain your results.
Both laser and IPL hair removal give excellent results. But the Tria is the most powerful home-use device, 3x more powerful than the leading IPL. This increased energy promises longer-lasting results. Therefore, once you’ve completed the regimen and got to hair-free, you’ll need fewer treatments to maintain these results.
However, this additional power means more heat so it hurts for some. And the laser covers only a tiny area of skin with a pulse. Learn more in the full review.

#1 tria hair removal laser 4x fuchsia is clinically proven safe and effective. It’s also FDA-cleared and has CE certification to meet EU safety standards. Tria Beauty, Inc. manufactures the Tria 4X. pH Beauty own and manage Tria Beauty, Inc. The Tria 4X is the latest laser model released in 2014.
Tria recommends you treat your hairs a total 8 times at 2-week intervals taking 3 months. This gives you a substantial reduction in hair regrowth. Tria Customer Support advises it’s after a few subsequent top-ups, or 12 treatments in total, you’ll see ‘permanent results’. Then do the occasional spot treatment on new hairs.
We tested the Tria 4X over several months. This detailed review shares how easy it is to use and what you can expect. You’ll learn tried-and-tested tips, pros and cons, and our tester’s hair reduction results.

What’s it like?


The box is compact, matt-white, attractive and surprisingly heavy. On the front and sides are images of the Tria 4X. This European edition has information printed in English, French, German and Dutch.

The box notes the safe-use skin tones and it’s effective on light brown to black hair. It clearly states the Tria is clinically proven and it gives permanent results. There’s a section that says it uses the same diode laser technology as professionals. However, it’s much-reduced laser power making it compact and safe for home-use.

There’s a flap that reveals more detailed information. It explains how the laser works and what results to expect during the regimen. It notes the Tria 4X’s key features, that dermatologists prefer laser to IPL, how frequently to use it and briefly how to use it.

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser - For Women and Men - At Home Device for Permanent
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser - For Women and Men - At Home Device for Permanent
Powerful at-home laser hair removal technology. Safely delivers over 3 times more hair-eliminating energy.

# 1-tria-épilation-laser-4x-fuchsia Tout cela est une pochette blanche entourant une boîte lisse,  et à couvercle blanc. Le logo Tria Beauty argenté est imprimé sur le dessus et sur le côté du couvercle. C’est magnifiquement fait et j’ai hâte de voir ce qu’il y a à l’intérieur.
Avec la boîte plat et sécurisée, faites glisser doucement et lentement le couvercle blanc. Ne le faites pas dans l’autre sens ou vous risquez que l’appareil laser se déploie!

À l’intérieur, niché dans un lit moulé en plastique blanc se trouve mon #1 tria hair removal laser 4x fuchsia . Tirez lentement le ruban  pour le retirer. En dessous se trouve le câble de chargement dans une petite boîte en carton de la marque Tria et le petit livret de mode d’emploi carré.

Qu’y a-t-il dans la boite?

  • Le dispositif d’épilation au laser Tria 4X
  • Câble de charge
  • Livret d’instructions d’utilisation Tria

Le laser d’épilation Tria n ° 1 fuchsia 4x est lourd mais il semble équilibré dans ma prise. C’est solide, fonctionnel. ce qu’il manque de style, il le compense en caractère.
Dans l’ensemble, ce petit gars a beaucoup de caractère. Cela me rappelle quelqu’un mais je ne peux pas vraiment penser à qui?

AVANT DE COMMENCER Utilisation de l’épilation au laser n ° 1 tria fuchsia 4x

Branchez le câble de charge du Tria, puis celui au secteur et asseyez-vous pour lire le manuel d’instructions.


The user instructions look inviting. Tria has designed them beautifully. They’re well laid out, logical and easy to read. The tone is clear and simple.

The manual concisely explains how the Tria works to reduce hair, uses diagrams to show the features of your Tria 4X, clearly outlines what results to expect and tells how to use it step-by-step.

Please pay close attention to the list of risks, warnings and contraindications or reasons you should not use the Tria 4X. 


The user manual also details the Tria clinical study and results for 79 subjects after only 3 treatments. This is the origin of the attention-grabbing statement as follows on the website and the packaging:

This sounds great and sets expectations you’ll see fantastic results and fast. But that’s not the case for everyone. Please keep reading to the round-up of the online feedback to learn more.


The user manual advises a test patch at each of the 5 intensity levels in your treatment area. This is both to try which levels are tolerable and test you’ve no skin reactions.

Charge your Tria 4X for 2 hours. Shave a small test area big enough for 5 spaced out pulses. Start at level one. Place the laser on a test area until you hear 2 beeps. Lift it from your skin. Using the power button move to level 2, position on a new skin patch and wait for the beeps. Repeat this for all the intensity levels but stop if you’ve reached your comfort limit.

Wait 24 hours and if your skin is normal to continue with your full area treatment at the highest level you’re most comfortable with it.


Shave your treatment areas immediately before the start. Tria says don’t epilate or wax.

You want a good, clean shave. Your treatment areas must be smooth with no hair above your skin. If there is, it can sting! The laser energy must be absorbed in your hair follicle (the bit below your skin). This is important because you want all the energy focused there. It’s how IPL works to give you hair reduction.

Once shaved, make sure your skin is dry. Don’t apply any moisturizers or deodorant to your skin!


  • Use a good, sharp razor
  • Use shaving cream for a close shave. Try using a hair conditioner – it does the job!
  • Take your time to get a close shave without any nicks!
  • If you don’t want to shave your face


Next, choose a comfortable and private spot to do your treatment.

Some people set up in front of the TV in the living room. Others don’t have this much privacy so choose the bathroom or their bedroom. Whilst it depends on which body areas you’re treating, there are a few tips to help you get started.

  • In front of a mirror: I like to have a full-length mirror. This is very helpful for a thorough bikini line and underarms.
  • Find privacy: back to the bikini line again! It’s far from elegant and not something you’ll want to share with housemates, kids, window cleaner, etc.
  • Find an assistant: it’s easier with a helpful assistant for hard to reach areas such as the backs of legs.
  • Choose the right time: you don’t want to be rushed or interrupted, so choose 30 minutes when kids are tucked up in bed.

So, if you’ve got all that sorted, you’re ready to go.

#1 tria hair removal laser 4x fuchsia IS IT EASY TO USE?


#1 tria hair removal laser 4x fuchsia is very easy to operate, but it demands concentration and precision. These are the simple steps to get started.

  1. Shave before every treatment (unless there’s no hair left!)
  2. Press the power button then test your skin tone with the red sensor
  3. If it’s safe the Tria 4X beeps, unlocks and sets to intensity level 1
  4. Select your intensity level
  5. Press on your skin at a 90-degree angle until you hear 2 beeps
  6. Lift, reposition and repeat on the next spot. Cover your skin in an overlapping pattern of circles the size of the circular nose.

To power-off, long-press the power button until the Tria turns off.

If you move the laser before the pulse finishes it buzzes at you. It sounds like it’s blowing a small raspberry at me. I find this quite amusing. But it’s probably just me. If this happens try again on the same spot.
As the Tria heats up you’ll hear a cooling fan startup inside. This operates intermittently as you use it. It’s not too annoying.
You won’t see any flashes of light escaping from the Tria because the laser focuses down into the skin.
I’ve used the Tria to treat my chin and upper lip, a few stray hairs on my legs and bikini line. Here are my thoughts and feedback. I hope you find it helpful!


The Tria 4X has 5 intensity levels, 1 is low and 5 is high.
Tria calls them ‘comfort levels’ (which makes me instantly apprehensive this is going to hurt! More on that later).
Once the skin tone sensor has validated your skin tone it automatically sets to level 1. You’ll see 1 power bar on the LED screen. You simply press the power button to cycle up the levels and back to level one.
The power density output ranges from 7 to 22 J/cm2. That’s the strongest of all home-use light energy hair removal devices. Based on the acknowledged fact the stronger the intensity the better your results, it follows that the Tria promises the best results of all home-use laser and IPL hair removal systems (if you use the highest settings).
Sounds great! Loads of people choose the Tria over IPL hair removal systems because it’s most powerful. They want the best possible results in the shortest time.

However, the battery life and speed of treatments may dissuade you.


Also, each battery charge lasts for around 25 to 30 minutes of use (around 600 zaps). Then you must recharge the Tria 4X for about 2 hours. You can’t use the Tria whilst it charges.
This means it takes extra patience, time and commitment to complete multiple and large areas. This is a common complaint in the user reviews, especially for people using it on larger areas like arms, legs, and torso. Several say it’s good for small areas, but not ideal to treat legs.


There’s a helpful treatment guide in the user manual. It suggests how many pulses you need per body area and how long it’s likely to take. Based on this information, and feedback from the online reviews, you can treat your face and a couple of small areas with one charge e.g. your upper lip, chin, jawline and a pair of underarms or both sides of the bikini line.
Those who use it on small areas don’t criticize the battery life. Tria says:
“This battery life allows users to stay focused and conscious of overlapping during treatment.” Tria Beauty
That’s true. 30 minutes is just right for the high precision and concentration you’ll need. So, it works well for smaller areas and the face. And, if you can do everything with one charge, that’s perfect.


However, for larger areas like legs you need much more time, patience and commitment. I don’t recommend it for that. Here’s why:
You need more than one 30-minute session to do a full leg. It’s also much harder to reach all areas (like backs of knees). So it’s difficult to get good coverage and keep track of where you’ve zapped.
“It’s a little hard to figure out where you used it if you’re trying a big spot at a time.”
Plus, you may run out of charge at an inconvenient moment. Then, after recharging, it’s tricky to remember where you zapped. Especially if resuming the treatment on a later day.
Here’s an example of the time commitment needed:
Tria suggests you can complete one full leg in a total of 1 hour from 2 charge cycles. This depends on how curvy you are – the reviews share it takes between 2 to 4 treatments to cover a full leg. So, for both full legs for one complete application that’s between 2 to 4 hours total for laser treatment, plus 8 to 16 hours of charging.
Then repeat for 8 treatments, 1 every 2 weeks for 3 months. Ouch.
Other reviewers take a different approach. Instead of attempting multiple charges and treatments in one day, they use a single charge at a time and alternate their body areas over the recommended 2-week cycle. Although they’re limited by the battery life, the patience and commitment are worth it to them to see the results.
Therefore, Tria 4X in large areas is not for the commitment-shy, lazy or those with precious little free time.
One reviewer shares this helpful advice:
“The advice I’d give first-time users about is to Take Your Time!! This is not a quick solution, but it will work if you keep at it. Don’t try to do every area, head-to-toe, every time you do a treatment. Start with small target areas (the face or the underarms or the lower leg, etc.) so you don’t get impatient and make mistakes.”


Based on my rough calculations the Tria gives at least 18 full-body treatments (full legs, tummy, bikini line, underarms, forearms, and face). So, that’s the 12 covered and a few extra full-body top-ups. If you get the best possible results you’ll only need occasional top-ups. Therefore, it lasts at least 1 year of use, and most likely several more.
The manufacturer’s warranty lasts 1 year too. So, if you stick to the 12 sessions you should reach your best results before the warranty expires. This gives peace of mind as you can return it to Tria for a replacement should the flashes ‘run out’ or any other fault develop.
However, I don’t recommend the Tria 4X laser for full-body treatments or large areas because it’s tediously slow and requires several charges to complete them. Home IPL is much faster and manageable for larger areas.


The minimum 75,000 cm2 equates to at least 50 complete small area treatments. That includes face, underarms, bikini line and forearms.
So, for the face and smaller areas, the Tria 4X is excellent value. It covers the initial 12 sessions and then roughly a further 3 years of monthly top-ups. With the best results possible you’ll only need occasional top-ups much less frequently than monthly. Therefore, it’s going to last several years of use.
N.B. I’ve used only the minimum battery cycles shared by Tria and the guideline number of pulses per charge to calculate the years of use. General usage, battery care, and wear and tear can also affect how long the machine keeps working.

IS THE #1 tria hair removal laser 4x fuchsia SAFE?

Yes, the Tria 4X laser is clinically proven safe and effective for home-use. It’s FDA cleared too, which is additional reassurance. It also adheres to international and CE safety and manufacturing standards.

It also protects your eyes and won’t flash if your skin is too dark. Learn more next.

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You can’t use#1 tria hair removal laser 4x fuchsia without at first unlocking the device with a safe skin tone. Power it on and the skin tone sensor glows red on the flat base of the Tria.
When you power up the Tria the LED screen illuminates and shows the battery power and a padlock icon to tell you it’s locked. A sensor icon then appears to tell you the skin tone sensor is ready.
Place the red light on the bottom of the Tria handle against your skin in the area you’ll treat. The sensor scans your skin and if it reads a safe skin tone (Fitzpatrick I to IV) it beeps confirmation and then both icons disappear.
If your skin is too dark it won’t unlock and you can’t use the Tria because it’s not safe.


The #1 tria hair removal laser 4x fuchsia is also a Class 1 laser. This means it’s safe and poses no hazard to your eyes when in use. However, Tria has added an eye safety mechanism. The laser only pulses when the whole laser aperture is touching your skin. This prevents accidental pulses near your eyes.


What to expect? 

All home IPL devices and it adds to the Tria’s character. It’s efficient and reminds me of the old ATARI computer games!
When you power-on the Tria 4X, it beeps once. When you unlock it via the skin tone sensor it beeps in sequence like a little victory call – “duh-duh daah!” And each time you press the pink power button to cycle through the intensities it answers you by beeping once.
Once against your skin, each successful zap is signaled by 2 descending, staccato beeps – “beep bup”! The pulse counter goes up to.
If you move the laser before it’s finished a zap it sounds its annoyance with a “beep-buzzz”. I find this quite amusing because it sounds like it’s blowing a small raspberry at me. If this happens, try not to be amused and do the same spot again until you hear that affirming “beep bup”.
The cooling fan inside only starts up when the laser heats up. It’s intermittent so not too annoying.

Unlike home IPL devices, you won’t see any bright flashes of light escaping from the Tria. That’s because the red diode laser focuses down on the skin. This means you won’t need to look away with each pulse. So it’s easy to move the small precise head with accuracy.

So, what does the laser pulse feel like, and…

#1 tria hair removal laser 4x fuchsia DOES IT HURT?

For some people, yes. The Tria 4X laser hurts more than the advertised ‘rubber band snap’. Why is this?

All levels of the Tria are safe for up to medium skin tones (Fitzpatrick type IV). Tria advise you use the highest power you can tolerate as this gives the best results. A clinical study suggests the higher levels are 2 to 3 times better than the lower ones.

Your hair follicle absorbs this powerful laser energy and converts to heat. It’s this increased heat which means it can hurt more than just a bit. However, it should reduce after a few treatments as fewer hair follicles are active.


Understandably, Tria doesn’t dwell on pain on their websites and videos. It’s not even mentioned in the FAQs, despite being such a key conversation point in the online reviews. They do say it varies by user and the sensation for some maybe like “a rubber band snapping against the skin, or a warm pricking feeling”.

So, is this accurate?


The reviews confirm it does vary by user.

Some report it’s painless and some say mild to moderate discomfort. Many don’t mention it at all. But a noteworthy amount of both negative and positive reviews, say it hurts much more than advertised.

Some say it’s a sharp burning pain that ‘bites’. Others say it’s “effective but painful”. Whereas some simply use the lower intensity levels, other users numb their skin with ice or lidocaine before use. But others resort to having helpful partners use it on them because it’s hard to inflict the pain on themselves. A few reviewers even return it because they can’t bear the pain.

That it hurts is by far the most common criticism of the Tria 4X. The pain-factor feedback is a much bigger percentage relative to home IPL reviews. However, many Tria users still leave positive reviewers as they feel the pain is worth it for the results.


You need 8 treatments every 2 weeks, or until you’re satisfied. It takes up to 3 months to see significant results. Then you can do touch-ups or additional treatments as you need them.

I found Amazon review comments from Tria Customer Service saying it’s after a few additional top-ups totalling 12 sessions when you’ll see ‘permanent’ results. 

So, what can you expect during this time?

There’ll be no change to your hair after the first session. Hair won’t suddenly fall out as it can with professional sessions.

Shave before your next treatments, and / or in between sessions as you need to.

Usually around session 3 or 5 you’ll see a gradual reduction in the number and thickness of your hairs. Hair grows slower and becomes finer, softer and lighter too.

Keep going. Shaving becomes much easier because there’s less and softer hair. You may not even need to shave in between sessions.

Bald patches appear until eventually your skin is smooth. For some this may happen before or after the recommended 8 sessions.

Then, do additional treatments or top-ups as necessary to keep your skin smooth. Tria don’t share how often, so it’s up to you to decide. I suggest monitoring your skin and zapping it every 1 or 2 months, or sooner if you notice soft regrowth appearing.

Although Tria say you don’t need regular top-ups after 12 sessions with the Tria, some of the user reviews share they do. So, it seems the top-ups are still important because hair can grow back without the right amount.


In our test, hair grew slower after the second and third session. Then after 4 sessions, bald patches appeared. Most of remaining softer and finer hair eventually disappeared after 5 and 6 sessions. For the remaining 2 sessions there was very little, barely visible hair to shave.

Our tester said “I did a few more sessions at 4-week intervals because Tria say it’s after 12 sessions you should see permanent results. So, I’ve done a total of 11 now, the last over 2 months ago. My underarms are still gloriously smooth.”


Let’s start with an example for your face and one small area e.g. underarms, done within one battery use of 30 minutes.

  • A session takes 30 minutes
  • You need up to 8 sessions over around 3 months
  • 8 sessions x 30 mins = 4 hours
  • So, that’s 4 hours over 3 months (or 14 weeks)

You’ll need to double this at least for several small areas at 8 hours over 14 weeks.

This is a lot more effort than most home IPL machines, but is still manageable if you can commit.

I don’t recommend the Tria 4X for large areas. But, to be thorough, let’s add legs to the mix:

Based on the user reviews and Tria’s guidance, it takes between 2 to 4 charge cycles, or 1 to 2 hours of zapping per leg. So, both full legs take between 2 to 4 hours of zapping, plus 4 to 8 charge cycles at 8 to 16 hours.

  • You need 8 sessions over around 3 months
  • 8 sessions x 2 hours = 16 hours
  • 8 sessions x 4 hours = 32 hours
  • So, that’s 16 to 32 hours over 3 months, plus charging time.
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser - For Women and Men - At Home Device for Permanent
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser - For Women and Men - At Home Device for Permanent
Powerful at-home laser hair removal technology. Safely delivers over 3 times more hair-eliminating energy.
9.5 Total Score

User Rating: 4.67 (3 votes)

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