Top 7 pulsed light epilators

Pulsed light epilator: buying guide, comparison and reviews

Our hairs lead us hard every day. They push, we depilate them, they push back, in short, it is an endless story. They also cost us dearly in depilatory cream, in wax, in an appointment with the beautician and take us time because hair grows quickly anyway.

But that was before. Before the pulsed light epilator appears and settles our accounts with our hairs. Choosing a pulsed light hair removal is choosing a lasting and painless result.

From the first sessions, you will see that your hair is less dense, finer and even lighter at times. But you will especially see that they grow less quickly, much slower and that is super nice, whether you are a woman or a man for that matter.

But the range of pulsed light epilators is vast and choosing one can be complicated because all the manufacturers are full of promise and supposedly sell the best-pulsed light epilator.

So I did many tests over several months. I eliminated several and kept the most effective. Among these, 7 epilators seduced me more than the others. For their efficiency but also for their maneuverability or their excellent quality/price ratio.

If you want advice on choosing your own, if you want to know how a pulsed light epilator works, what are its advantages or how to use it, rest assured I tell you everything!

 Top 7 pulsed light epilators

As I said, there is no shortage of choices when you want to buy a pulsed light epilator. There are inexpensive, high-end, handy and others that are less expensive, mains or wireless, for the whole body or certain parts, etc.

And above all, some are much less effective than others. To help you find yours, here are my Top 7 of the best-pulsed light epilators.

Tria 4X laser hair removal

From the functions included, the Tria 4x 3175A is a rather complete laser epilator. 

The functions that distinguish this laser epilator are:

  • Intensity selection: Using the 4x 3175A Air, we can choose from 5 available intensity levels, which can be selected using the power button located on top of the epilator. In this way, we can adapt the power of the pulse to the tolerance of our skin;
  • Display: The 4x 3175A Air is equipped with a practical LED screen, located on top of the epilator (above the power button). This allows you to easily monitor selected parameters, such as the selected intensity level and the state of charge of the internal battery. The screen also serves as a user guide, indicating the number of pulses used during processing;
  • Audible beeps: The 4x 3175A Tria emits a series of beeps to indicate that the skin is ready for treatment and that the instrument is ready for hair removal, and a beep is heard each time the flash has been correctly delivered to the skin. Finally, we will hear a kind of buzz every time the device is lifted from the skin before the end of the flash.
Good to know
The Tria 4x 3175A is a mid-range diode laser epilator with a maximum power of 20 J / cm²; its strong points are the presence of a screen and acoustic signals which guide the user during the treatment and make it possible to comfortably monitor the selected settings, the presence of various security systems such as the shade sensor, the contact and the lock automatic, as well as the practical and handy structure of the pistol.

We recommend this model to those who want a good quality laser epilator to treat dark blond, brown or black hair and skin types Phototype I to IV. However, we do not recommend the device to those looking for a quick and easy method of hair removal for large areas of the body: the 4x 3175A Air, in fact, has a treatment window of only 10 mm² and an autonomy of 30 minutes, characteristics that make the processing time quite long.

Beurer IPL Long lasting PRO 

Are you looking for an efficient IPL epilator at a low cost? The Beurer brand now offers you a quality device that can be used at home that will allow you to get rid of your hair in the long term.
It is an electric epilator with pulsed light technology that removes the hair follicle from the hair and prevents its regrowth. All at a very competitive price for the market.
You will discover through this article the characteristics of SatinSkin Pro, a flagship product from Beurer.


Good to know
The Beurer IPL device targets the hair with intense pulsed light (IPL). The melanin pigments in the root of the hairs absorb the light and this creates heat. The light pulse deactivates the hair follicles deep down in the skin to prevent any further growth of the hair.

The Beurer IPL device is suitable for a variety of skin and hair types. It can be used on (naturally) dark blonde, brown and black hair and on light to medium skin tones. It is not effective on very light or grey hair and is unsuitable for very dark skin tones. A skin type sensor is built in to measure whether the pigmentation of the skin is suitable for the treatment.

Braun Silk·Expert Pro 5

The Braun Pro 5 IPL is the fastest high-power home IPL we’ve tested. It’s safe for light to dark skin auto-adjusting every flash to your tone, and it works on dark hair. Compact, light-weight & effortless to handle for face, small & large areas. A whole-body is done in around 30 minutes. A serious contender if you’re short on time.

The Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 uses intense pulsed light energy (IPL) to damage and disable your hair follicle, slowing and preventing hair regrowth. Periodic top-up treatments keep your skin smooth.

Good to know
One of the best with IPL flashes lasting 15+ years of monthly use. More than you’ll ever need.

Super-fast, elegant, corded, light-weight & nimble. Perfectly balanced safety & power in every flash. Small window for face & tricky areas.

Silky skin after 4 to 12 weekly sessions, then top-ups every month or so to stay smooth. One of the lowest effort home IPLs.

Silk’n – Flash&Go Lux

Thanks to its intelligent sensor, the pulsed light epilator or IPL Silk’n Flash & Go Lux offers you hair removal sessions at home, in complete serenity, worthy of professional beauty centers. But, this is not the only advantage that this model offers to meet your personal needs.

Especially when this is your very first experience, the use of a sophisticated device such as the pulsed light epilator is often sometimes synonymous with excitement. If you can’t wait to see your hair disappear thanks to the Silk’n Flash & Go Lux model, with it, your experience will also be serene.

This, thanks in particular to the total security it guarantees to its users. Optimized security thanks to two main advantages:

– on the one hand, its integrated intelligent skin sensor which analyzes your pigmentation and defines whether or not your skin can be treated safely;

– on the other hand, the fact that it is not energy-consuming: this device is efficient; however, it does not use a lot of energy. This contributes to a minimal risk of injuries and complications in the workplace.

Silk’n Flash & Go Lux is also approved by top dermatologists and plastic surgeons, who recommend it for safe hair removal at home and for exceptional results.

Good to know
Quick processing this device is accompanied by a reserve of two cartridges (1000 pulses). Consult its user manual to find out how to handle it ideally.

Thanks to its quick processing DVD, discover how to get rid of your hairs even faster.

With the high repetition rate of the urges it offers, it will depilate your body in 30 to 40 minutes (a guaranteed duration for the epilation of the legs in women, for example, and the torso in men).

However, according to the manufacturers, Silk’n Flash & Go Lux offers variable results depending on the person, in particular, according to the frequency of use and the type of skin.

Infinity by Silk’n 

The best life on the market pulsed light hair removal makes it easier to remove hair, opening the pores of the skin and allowing light pulses to reach the hair follicles optimally. While traditional hair removal methods like shaving or waxing are painful and also cause skin irritation, Silk’n Infinity promises a completely painless process without any ingrown hairs.

The Silk’n Infinity epilator is capable of emitting 400,000 light pulses, an almost unlimited lifespan. This huge number of flashes will effortlessly eliminate hair growth for years. Indeed, as long as it is capable of emitting flashes, there is no need to buy refill cartridges, which saves you additional money. The epilator also offers Bluetooth connectivity to view the number of light pulses remaining. Another advantage of Bluetooth is to lock the device if you have children at home…

Good to know
The Silk’n Infinity pulsed light epilator is a UFO on the market compared to its competitors with the best lifespan at present. I also appreciate its small size, its ease of use, and its wireless operation, which allow it to be easily transported with you on the go (with its storage box included). In terms of price, there is nothing to say when you know the savings compared to professional sessions knowing that the device is expected to last no less than 6 years minimum!

Philips Lumea BRI949

This type of equipment is always simple to use, in any case much less restrictive than waxing or even an electric epilator. The fact of not having a cord between the legs is obviously even more pleasant.
When we pass the device over our skin, the latter recommends the power most suited to our skin and hair color. For the first use, you can if you want to use the power lower than that recommended, but there is obviously no risk of getting burned or damaging your skin. We find 5 different intensity, and we can make a manual adjustment if it seems necessary to us.
On the pain side, nothing! It is perfectly painless, whether on the face or armpits, I really feel almost nothing. Some slight tingling in the bikini line, but nothing more, it changes the torture of waxing.

Good to know
The new generation of Lumea Prestige is obviously a little more pleasant to use, with a better content flash and more practical handling. The camera is wireless, which makes it easy to use, and the flash heads are large enough to flash all the legs quickly enough. The epilator checks your skin color for optimal effectiveness. In a few weeks, the results are there, the hairs fall out and no longer grow back. It is clearly one of the most efficient epilators of this type, and that is why all users say only good things about it.

Remington I-Light 

Each has its skin type, but here are the new Remington brand new hair removal devices on the market. No more stubborn hair, relax by displaying your legs and arms without being afraid of being judged by the people around you, because with these new devices, your hair will definitely disappear.

The Remington is a Face & Body epilator with Propulse technology. This technology is commonly used in professional care centers or clinics to treat skin problems, and now it’s available in a homemade version.
For a long-lasting result, these new products from the Remington brand have all the features expected to satisfy you.

Good to know
In short, having soft and silky skin is now everyone’s reach. Quiet at home, this little device will give you satisfaction, that’s for sure. You can now prepare your summer outfits because it is safe, it is no longer a question of hiding your legs behind your pants and long dresses, it is now time to show up in tank top, skirt or shorts. Whatever your style, if before your hair was a major obstacle to assert yourself. It is not the case anymore. The Remington brand is good because, since 75, it has always been known for its avant-garde spirit when it comes to beauty appliances.

How to choose your pulsed light epilator?

That’s the whole problem. How to choose your pulsed light epilator from dozens of models on this market. You can trust my Top 5, read my different tests, but you can also take into account the following criteria :

  • Your needs: not everyone wants a device for facial hair removal, and not all epilators are suitable for all parts of the body. So you must first define what your needs are.
  • The size of the window: the larger it is, the faster the session. But I advise you to take a model with several heads, especially for certain areas (jersey, face).
  • Autonomy: you prefer on mains or battery? Me on the sector. But it is a personal choice. Wireless it will be more manageable, and on the sector, its autonomy is unlimited
  • Your skin type: if you have very dark or black skin, you will have to look for a suitable epilator because most are for fair skin with black hair.
  • The life of the lamp: once the life of a lamp is over, your epilator will no longer work. The best is a duration of 250,000 flashes.
  • Features: contact sensor, skin tone detector, several levels of intensity adjustment, UV filter, continuous and manual flash, the choice is vast!

These criteria will allow you to refine your searches.

How a pulsed light epilator works

Do you have questions about the operation of a pulsed light epilator? Know that light will target your hair. She will heat them to burn them. Since the melamine contained in the hair promotes light capture, the darker your hair is, and the more it will attract light from the device.

When the device heats the root of the hair, the bulb is destroyed and thus, the hair will either take time to regrow or will not regrow at all.

The advantages of a pulsed light epilator

Here are some benefits of the pulsed light epilator:

  • Its effectiveness: it is widely proven, and after testing several devices, I can guarantee that it is real. Hair takes longer to regrow or, in some cases, disappears.
  • Economic: your device will quickly pay for itself because sessions with a pro are expensive, costly.
  • Its simplicity of use: from the first time, you will see that it is a very simple device to use.
  • It does not hurt: for comforters, and even for others, I reassure you, the pulsed light epilator is entirely painless. We can feel some tingling, but it is enough to lower the intensity, and everything comes back in order.
  • For men: some pulsed light epilators are suitable for male use

How to use your pulsed light epilator?

Using a pulsed light epilator is not complicated, but there are precautions to take:

  • Shave the affected area two to three days before the session
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun within 2 to 3 weeks before and after the session
  • Protect your eyes with special glasses (often supplied with the epilator)
  • Protect your moles and scars
  • Do not use the epilator around the eyes (therefore not recommended for the eyebrows)

Pulsed light hair removal is not recommended for people:

  • Speakers
  • Under the age of 20
  • Having diabetes
  • Suffering from blood diseases or photodermatosis
  • Taking an antibiotic
  • Having dark or dark skin
  • Having red or blond hair

The use is very simple:

  • The area must be clean and dry
  • Connect or charge the device
  • Place it on the area to be epilated
  • Press the impulse button and start your session
  • Never pass twice in the same place or do not forget part of the area
  • Turn off your device and that’s it!

If you thought you had to be a pro to use this type of epilator, you could see that it is far from necessary.

Pulsed light hair removal has been a real trend in recent years. But it is not a simple fashion effect since the results are there.

I can only advise you to take your time to choose your pulsed light epilator and to define your needs.

I also advise you to be regular in your sessions and to persevere.The results will be there, and your weekly hair removal sessions will only be a bad memory!

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